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General rules

1. The use of cheats is prohibited.

2. It is forbidden to create an imbalance during the game, that is, to switch to a stronger side.

2.1 The VIP / ADMIN is obliged to monitor the balance of the game by switching to a weak team.

2.2 With regards to players with VIP/ADMIN privileges. The leading team is forbidden to use grenades: EMI improved, Ion Cannon Bobm, Cluster Explosive, Shield Shelter.

3. Laser installation is possible anywhere.

3.1 It is forbidden to block other people's lasers.

4. Textures.

It is forbidden to be in those places of the maps where one-sided textures are used. (You see everyone, but they don't see you)

5. The Hero.

It is forbidden to buy a hero without a special need, i.e. if there is NO imbalance.


The ADMIN is prohibited from giving a hero to players of a strong (leading) team, and also prohibited from giving a hero without a sharp reason.

The hero is bought or given out when the enemy team has a preponderance of 5 or more guns, taking into account the fact that most of the map is occupied by the leading team.

6. Nickname.

6.1 It is forbidden to use the nicknames of Administrators (with a clan tag and/or without).

6.2 It is FORBIDDEN to use the original nicknames of other players to mislead other players and administration.

6.3 IT is FORBIDDEN to use nicknames, with mats and/or insults of other players

6.4It is FORBIDDEN to use nicknames of politicians and nicknames of government officials (we are out of politics).

Rules for the administration

1. The administrator is obliged to monitor the order on the server and follow the "general" points of the rules.

2. It is forbidden to change the map without the consent of the players or without voting for it.

3. It is forbidden to kick/ban/hit/kill players through the admin menu, threaten them with a kick/ban, or transfer them to another team.

4. It is forbidden to transfer your account data to third parties (password/account). (Disenfranchisement and ban forever)

5. Before you ban a player, you must verify the violation by personally entering in the spectator.

6. As an administrator, you agree to comply with all the rules, in case of frequent non-compliance with the rules, the admin/VIP is removed without a refund.

! The Chief Administrator can ban privileged players without giving reasons. In this case, you will need to provide a demo to review your game.

Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you from responsibility!

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In Russian please? The site does not seem to be in the English version.

есть раздел с правилами отдельно для русскоговорящих игроков.Жми сюда

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